24 families move into upmarket apartments

Property developer West Properties Zimbabwe has handed over apartments to 24 families after completing the Millennium Heights project in Borrowdale, an exclusive upmarket lifestyle estate.

Among the beneficiaries is Star FM radio presenter and West Properties ambassador Kudzayi Violet Gwara popularly know as KVG.

Gwara said she was delighted as a young woman to own a home in Borrowdale.

“I feel very much empowered, this is quite a good deal for me and everyone who has benefited.

Another beneficiary Dale Woodend: “I met West Properties officers and they explained the entire project but I was scared to invest my money in the first place but now I am happy the apartment is complete and I have a home in my name,” he said.

West Properties chief executive officer Mr Kenneth Sharpe said the building is what is called a lock up shell.

Mr Sharpe added that the concept was to bring affordability to luxury housing.

“The development you see in front you today of exclusive apartments in the heart of Borrowdale has never happened before where you can have a product such as this which we are delivering today that is affordable for under $50 000 as the starting price to move in and live in a home here, and this is the first block of 24 units of more than 1,000 units that we have planned to be building on the site. So what you are seeing is a start of a very exciting future that will include a sustainable and beautiful natural environment surrounding the development  which is part of corporate social responsibility with the Environment Management Agency,” he said.

The company’s chief  operations officer, Mrs Tatiana Aleshina, said  the vision was to become the leading customer centric developer of exceptional properties in Zimbabwe.

“Our mission is to delight our customers with the latest sustainable innovation incorporating modern designs in our residential and commercial offerings in Zimbabwe,” she said.

She added: “Our business model is the role of master planner, financier and developer of appropriately designed sustainably built residential and commercial properties within the Greater Harare Area.”

We are happy to support Governments efforts to alleviate the housing backlog by densification and grateful to them and our investors for their continued support.”

Original Post: The Herald