US$4bn Pomona project takes shape


The US$4 billion Pomona City ‘within a city’ project is fast taking shape with stand owners already on the ground putting brick and mortar together.

Buoyed by the launch of the US$630,000 multi-purpose gatehouse stand owners are rushing to complete their structures and record themselves as the first inhabitants of the lifestyle estate.

The investment makes the development one of the biggest single infrastructure capital injections in Zimbabwe.

Dubbed a city within a city because of its attributes that bring all urban aspects of live, work, shop and play into one community, Pomona City is set to be a major prototype development that would be copied and replicated by other developers.

World-renowned architects were engaged to work on the masterplan and building structures making the development a fusion of cultures and very cosmopolitan.

The lifestyle community development combines use of technology, communal living spaces and unique social amenities that differentiate the estate from the traditional suburban designs. The social amenities are exclusively reserved for the owners of properties to preserve privacy and uphold value.

Infrastructure developments and designs at Pomona City mirror the ones largely found in Dubai with traits similar to the ones in modern world capitals.

West Property chief executive Ken Sharpe who birthed the Pomona City “within a city’ idea is upbeat with the upcoming development.

“We believe Dubai has the quality and excellence that we can bring to Zimbabwe. We are walking our talk. We believe in being disruptive,” he says.