West Prop Promises a Collaborative Approach in the Creation of the Warren Hills Branded Golf Estate

After Sunshine Developments won a court case that resulted in an eviction order against the tenants of Warren Hills Golf Club, the developers of the Warren Hills Golf Estate are now working to ensure the successful implementation of their project. The project, which has been stalled for 14 years, will soon involve stakeholders, including current members of the golf club, to make sure everyone is accommodated during the process.

The court ordered the ejectment of the Warren Hills Golf Club, payment of holding over damages, and costs of the lawsuit. Ken Sharpe, the CEO of West Prop, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the case and confidence in the future of the project.

He stated that the eviction of the current tenants will pave the way for the US$280 million project to become a reality.

West Property, the developers of the Warren Hills Golf Estate, plans to revamp the 18-hole golf club into a US Championship standard course and develop a lifestyle community that includes a tennis and swimming academy, residential units, and a luxury hotel. The company is still waiting for approval from the city council for the change of use, but they are eager to work with progressive forces to make the project a success.

West Property has a clear vision to make Harare and Zimbabwe a world-class city by 2025.

The Warren Hills Golf Estate will feature a top-notch golf course, prestigious apartments and houses, and a retirement village, all serviced by a five-star hotel.

The golf course will remain the main attraction, but the public will have access to other facilities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, and entertainment.

The Harare City Council, who owns 30% of the project, will benefit financially from the increased revenue and improved ambience in the area.

Properties in the vicinity of the development are also expected to appreciate in value and start the urban evolution of the surrounding suburbs.