West Properties in a Triple Scoop

2020 has come with great tidings for the West Properties Group with West Property Zimbabwe scooping the Company of the Year National Property Services Industry award, the Zimbabwe Top 100 Business Brands of the Year award, and Exec Chairman Mr Kenneth R. Sharpe receiving the Businessman of the Year Award at the recently held Zimbabwe National Business and Leadership Awards ceremony. The annual awards are held to celebrate business leaders and companies that have contributed and shaped the Zimbabwean economy, and are visionaries behind today’s outstanding businesses and organisations.

Asked to comment on the significance of these awards, Mr Ken Sharpe ascribed this success to team work, a focused vision, well choreographed strategy execution and many committed hours; in one word perseverance. The Zimbabwe National Business and Leadership awards exemplify the best in the Zimbabwe Business Industry. They epitomise the core values of successful leaders- strength, innovation, ingenuity, knowledge and foresight- values that are imperative to carving out powerful individuals and organisations in the global economy.

Source: Newsday