WestProp Unveils Pomona City Gate

By A Correspondent| WestProp Holdings today unveiled its signature gate house at Pomona city signaling the commencement of the massive US$4 billion ‘city within a city development’.

CEO and founder of the Victoria Falls Stock exchange listed real estate company Mr Ken Sharpe was upbeat and sounded bullish when he headlined the colourful ceremony.

“We are now delivering the promised Pomona City. A city within a city. Today the 28th of June 2023 marks the start of that journey – the journey to create new development whose magnitude has never been seen in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The smart city development will use green energy and innovative services that include surveillance cameras and gadgets including electronic and cloud based access technology “aided by A1 and full solar green energy with batteries and a charge room to power the entire site 24/7”.

The futuristic development is premised on building hope and a city for the future where technology rules the world.Mr Sharpe said buying into the development was investing into a lifestyle community “where you live, work, shop and play” adding that in the event one decides to dispose of the property the selling proposition is premised on the lifestyle investment.

Mr Sharpe exuded confidence and clarity when he addressed legal issues dispelling fears that the development could be under threat.

“Your investment is solid. Those who have bought into this dream can be rest assured that the dream is now coming to fruition. In the past few weeks there have been a lot of stories surrounding this development.

“May I take this opportunity to calm your worries and get you excited for the good times ahead. We are all going to realise the big dream and surely re-live the dream of bringing Dubai to Zimbabwe,” he said.

Dubbed a city within a city because of its attributes that bring all urban aspects of live, work, shop and play into one community, Pomona City is set to be a major prototype development that would be copied and replicated by other developers.

World renowned architects were engaged to work on the masterplan and building structures making the development a fusion of cultures and very cosmopolitan.

The lifestyle community development combines use of technology, communal living spaces and unique social amenities that differentiate the estate from the traditional suburban designs.

The social amenities are exclusively reserved for the owners of properties to preserve privacy and uphold value.