Small Spaces, Big Dreams: Mastering the Art of Multifunctional Living

So, you haven’t got much space? Let’s quickly address the elephant in the room because it is quite cramped. In a situation like that, it is very easy to abandon the concept of a dream home altogether. All the furniture and fixtures you have in mind that would give the homes on ‘Top Billing’ a […]

The Impact of Commute Time on Work-Life Balance

Commute time is the normal time spent by the employee traveling from home to their assigned office. There are various modes of transport that people use to get to their places of work – some people drive alone, others carpool or are taken by staff buses and others are at the mercy of public transport. […]

Coworking In Suburban Areas

Let’s start off with the question, what is coworking? Well Merriam Webster aptly defines it as,” relating to, or working in a building where multiple tenants rent working space and have the use of communal facilities.” In the past, coworking spaces have been concentrated in urban areas. Urban areas have their merits, the infrastructure tends […]

Coffee Shop Culture: Boon or Bane for Productivity?

These days, coffee shops have almost become synonymous with mobile offices. At first glance, one may wonder why. Well, coffee shops are known for their wonderful ambiance; the aroma of coffee permeates the air, the lighting is optimum and they can often become a central meeting point for different types of people who are unified […]

The Relationship Between Luxury Living And A Thriving Sports Community

The lack of extensive research and statistics about the wellness industry in Zimbabwe makes it difficult to monitor the industry as a whole. However, despite not having enough statistics on the topic, the growing popularity of luxury living in sports communities is undeniable. Luxury living and thriving sports communities go hand-in-hand, offering a unique and […]