Coworking In Suburban Areas

Let’s start off with the question, what is coworking? Well Merriam Webster aptly defines it as,” relating to, or working in a building where multiple tenants rent working space and have the use of communal facilities.”

In the past, coworking spaces have been concentrated in urban areas. Urban areas have their merits, the infrastructure tends to be more well developed and there is a hive of activity. What could that mean for you? Greater potential for high demand for your products and services and it is convenient to some extent. Recent trends however, show that coworking is on the rise in suburban areas. 

You may be wondering why?

“Traffic jam, when you’re already late” from the popular Alanis Morissette song, “Ironic.” In urban areas, you have to deal with that and more. Urban areas, especially the CBD or the ones with well-developed infrastructure attract droves of people. With all the people flocking to use those amenities – a bottleneck is inevitable. 

On the flip side, suburban areas tend to be less congested and this can take a load off your shoulders. The VeryWellMind cities road rage as a source of increased health risks because of all the stress that comes along with it. The modern diet, a sedentary lifestyle and the fast-paced demanding nature of our world are already working against the average adult, let’s tone it down a notch and remove one stressor. A quieter working environment does just the trick.

Mixed-use residential estates in the suburban areas such as The Hills Lifestyle Estate, provide coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and freelancers within the confines of the estate. Residents of the estate and surrounding areas can have access to these working spaces and reap the benefits of being located in close proximity. The less time you spend on a commute, the more time you can spend on things you actually enjoy doing. 

Pomona City is an example of a walkable city whereby residents will be able to access most of the facilities in the estate within walking distance. The convenience of walking to and from work is beneficial in numerous ways for your health, the environment and ultimately, time management. By having coworking spaces within the gates of the estate, residents can work flexibly between their homes and the coworking spaces depending on their needs for the day.

Suburban areas are more spacious than the city centres, there is room to create “green spaces” which also contribute to the overall well-being of workers. Exposure to nature and the cleaner environment can have tremendous impacts on the productivity of the workers. Millennium Heights residents have access to Millennium Park which gives them access to nature and the beauty thereof. The apartments are located within the ‘golden triangle of Harare’. The golden triangle encompasses some of the most posh suburbs of Harare which have the best coworking spaces in the city. 

There are many people who frequent the CBD, with higher demand, the prices skyrocket. The cost of renting out a building for the purposes of coworking is considerably lower in the suburban areas than in the CBD. This is because of the bid-rent theory that states that the further away a property is from the central business district, the much lower rent is. With less being spent on rentals, that frees up some capital for the tenants and they can invest it into other endeavours. Who wouldn’t want that? Affordability is a major factor considered in decision making when contemplating where to set up a coworking space.

Coworking in suburban areas is on the rise because of how much more flexible it is. Tenants who wish to rent a space in a suburban area have more bargaining power than if they were to try and secure a place in the urban areas. With much higher demand it is easier for landlords in urban areas to find tenants who comply with their terms and conditions rather than negotiating for lower rentals. In suburban areas the landlords have to be more mindful and adjust their rent and terms to suit their tenants needs. 

We have all heard the adage, “time is money.” For someone who lives in the outskirts of an urban area, getting to work on time can be a challenge. An employer, well aware of the value of time, may be reluctant to recruit a job applicant who lives far from work because of the potential liability of tardiness. Suburban coworking spaces appeal to the remote workers because the commute to work is shorter and they can save on transport costs. 

With factors such as affordability, a tranquil work environment, convenience and accessibility, it is not difficult to ascertain why there has been a rise in coworking spaces in suburban areas. Modern problems require modern solutions and it is important to realise that conventional does not always translate to convenient.

Is there a coworking space in your suburb?